Testing for Oracle
Fusion Cloud has
never been so easy

Alithya GoTest for Oracle is a SAAS platform that runs and executes Oracle Fusion Cloud quarterly update testing automatically, in one click.

We automate and certify test plans for the Oracle Fusion Cloud environment so you don’t have to do any of it!

We do all the work for you

Avoid quarterly stress and gain precious time for better analysis

Because new Oracle releases can be stressful for your experts, free your business specialists by cutting test plans by 80%, from four working days down to just a few minutes.

Focus on your analysis, not your test plans

Oracle-certified tests are programmed by Alithya to comply with your testing strategy. Alithya GoTest for Oracle helps you test the mission-critical Oracle Fusion Cloud features in just a few clicks.

Remove the hassle of manual and no value-added testing

Just launch over 600 pre-made certified test scenarios, get the results, analyze them and relax. Don't waste any time on thinking about test plan strategies. Alithya GoTest for Oracle does it for you.

Execution View
GoTest_Computer_Finance Module
Finance Module Overview
Computer_GoTest_Test Plan
Test Plan
Computer_GoTest_Test Results
Test Results

Your Gains

  • Run more than 600 certified tests
  • Save over 80% of your time and money
  • No technical expertise needed
  • Visualize results
  • Sit back and relax

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Now available for Oracle Fusion Cloud Finance, PPM (projects) and Procurement.


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Don’t waste any more time on testing

  • Automated test plans for Oracle Fusion Cloud
  • Over 600 certified test scenarios for Oracle Fusion Cloud essential features
  • Dashboard with test results for your experts
  • Business service support for your Quality Assurance strategy
  • Quality Assurance training, coaching and support to help you become fully autonomous

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