Maximize material management processes

Capsure RF, designed for Healthcare providers

Capsure RF is a Cloud based, HIPAA-Compliant platform that was purpose built for Healthcare providers to maximize material management processes.




  • Are you manually tracking inventory, or not tracking it at all?
  • Are your users tied to a desktop entering transactions written from paper?
  • Are you unable to view on hand inventory in real-time? 
  • Do your employees over order or stockpile goods because they don't trust the replenishment system?
  • Do employees requisition on paper or on the phone? 
  • Do your employees spend too much time on inventory (reconciling, ordering, counting, and receiving)?
  • Are you looking for a mobile inventory solution? 
  • Would you like a system that helps determine replenishment needs?
  • Would it be advantageous to simplify and streamline the material requisitioning process? 
  • Do you need to electronically record supply charges to patients? 
  • Do you want to easily print and scan barcodes for supplies? 
  • Do you need packing slips and signatures upon receipt tracked electronically? 
  • Could you utilize an electronic record of your inbound shipments and distribution throughout your organization?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Capsure RF is for you!


Capsure RF’s main functions
  • Mobile SupplyChain

    Modern and Mobile

    Alithya is a leader in mobile solutions. We have created a Cloud system which utilizes exclusive software to capture mobile transactions for the supply chain process such as barcode scanning, receiving, put aways, counting, digitized picking, transfers and real-time visibility into materials movement activities. The mobile supply chain application was designed for use in the healthcare industry but can be implemented to support other industries.

  • PAR Inventory

    Developed for Healthcare Supply Chain

    PAR Inventory enables the establishment of stock locations that can be replenished without tracking on-hand quantities and material movement transactions from those locations. With PAR inventory management, PAR locations are stocked with predefined optimal item quantities, and items are consumed as necessary. Periodic inventory counts are conducted to determine replenishment needs and generate requests. The PAR locations might be stockrooms in a warehouse or on a hospital floor, supply closets, exchange carts, moving carts that contain items, automated point-of-service dispensing machines, or trucks that are equipped with the supplies for handling service calls.

  • RFID Inventory and Medical Equipment Tracking

    Know what you have and where it is

    Do you deal with not knowing where your equipment is or how many you have? Capsure RF RFID for Inventory/Medical Equipment allows for the automation of data collection by vastly reducing human effort and error. With RFID technology, multiple tags can be read at once without requiring line of sight, making it possible to quickly and accurately locate inventory and medical equipment without scanning labels one-by-one. We support multiple devices such as Wands, Blasters, Portal Readers, Smart Rooms and a variety of tags depending on your specific use case.

  • Patient Charge Capture (Point of Use)

    Simple, Intuitive and Fast

    Simple, Intuitive and Fast. Are you tired of the “sticker system” that requires multiple manual data collection activities? With Capsure RF Patient Charge Capture, also known as Point of Use, critical supply functions such as supply requisitioning, patient charging, inventory management and information capture are fully automated in an intuitive system that is fast and easy for nurses or technicians to use.

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