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There is widespread concern about COVID-19. Alithya's Crisis Management Expertise Centre has been set up to support you during this period and give you direct and centralized access to a multidisciplinary team. You benefit from free access to fast and effective advice to ensure the continuity of your business and prepare for the post-COVID-19 period.

To contact us directly: crisis@alithya.com

Covid-19: Managing the crisis and coming out stronger

Every disaster whether it’s a political crisis, health crisis or natural disaster - contains its share of human and organizational challenges.

Whatever context you’re operating in, we help you define the options that suit your situation in an adapted, agile and responsible manner. 

Telework and Collaboration Tools

Advice and services to equip your teams to work remotely, ensure their performance, and remain available to your customers. To promote the adoption of tools, communication and change management plans are essential. Watch our webinar on Best Practices for Virtual Teams

IT Disaster Recovery

Assistance in limiting the impact of downtime for IT services and systems, whether it’s planned interruptions such as infrastructure maintenance, or unforeseen incidents such as cyber-attacks or technical breakdowns.

Business Recovery and Continuity

Recovery of critical business processes, including business resumption planning, recovery of work areas and workforce augmentation.

Transition to the Cloud

In the short term, an emergency transfer of cloud computing applications with our Microsoft, Oracle and AWS partners is possible.

Managed Services and Application Asset Management

Entrusting all or part of your application management to Alityha allows you to concentrate your efforts on the essentials in times of crisis. Our teams provide proactive daily monitoring, technical support, infrastructure management, data storage, and technology surveillance.

Desktop Virtualization

The implementation of the virtual machine in a server that is remote from the system allows the user to access all of his programs, applications, processes and data regardless of the hardware client he is using, thus offering all the advantages of portability.

Security for your Infrastructure

We can implement a comprehensive security strategy without sacrificing convenience, flexibility and speed, providing constantly updated systems and best practices to counter and prevent threats in your new infrastructure.

Business Applications for Remote Service and Support

Get up and running in less than 30 days with these low-risk Zero2Ready applications – Sales/CRM, Customer Service, Field Service, Marketing and Intranet.

Prepare yourself

A big take-away for CIOs is that fit enterprises increasingly view IT as a point of leverage for the business. Having a clear and consistent overall business strategy ranks as one of the most distinctive traits of fit enterprises. In such organizations, digital technology will drive that strategy. Enterprises that acquire these capabilities before a crisis hits won’t suffer permanent damage from it, but actually come out better in the end.

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