Alithya’s 2021 Investor Day

Published August 30 2021
Online event
1:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. (ET)

The program will include presentations on Alithya’s most recent successes, as well as our ambitious plans for the future. We look forward to welcoming you on September 15, and to sharing Alithya’s outstanding achievements with you.

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1:00-1:30 p.m.
Strategic commentary and Alithya overview by Paul Raymond, President and CEO.

1:30-2:30 p.m.
Plenary session
Review of each business unit by geography.

Moderator: Claude Rousseau, COO
Russell Smith, President, Alithya US
Nigel Fonseca, SVP, Ontario & Western Canada
Dave Moreau, SVP, Public Sector in Quebec
Dany Paradis, SVP, Quebec and Oracle Canada

2:30-3:00 p.m.
M&A roadmap and considerations
Discussion on mergers and acquisitions between Paul Raymond and Russell Smith.

3:00-3:30 p.m.
Discussion with client and shareholder, Beneva
Candid conversation between Paul Raymond and Catherine Desgagnés-Belzil, CIO at Beneva (Insurance).

3:30-3:45 p.m.
A series of webcasts will also be accessible on demand.

3:45-4:15 p.m.
Microsoft discussion

Moderator: John Scandar, SVP, Microsoft Practice at Alithya
Ashley Haynes-Gaspar, COO of US Business Applications, Microsoft
Angie Oleson, Director, and James Whitfield, Director, Field Support & Systems, Firestone Direct (Automotive services)

4:15-4:45 p.m.
Oracle discussion

Moderator: Mike Feldman, SVP, Oracle Practice at Alithya
Sarah Larsen, Alliance Director at Oracle

4:45-5:30 p.m.
Live interactive Q&A session

Featured Speakers' Profiles

Russell Smith, President, Alithya US

Russell Smith has a long track record as an IT entrepreneur and leader of Edgewater Fullscope, an award-winning Microsoft Dynamics partner. Since 2018, Russell has served as President of Alithya US, and is responsible for all Alithya operations in the US market. Leveraging his experience to drive growth and profitability for the company, Russell is a driving force in increasing shareholder value and has been instrumental in harnessing all of the moving parts of Alithya’s US acquisitions in recent years. His work in that pursuit has helped ensure the effective integration of business processes, as well as the integration of people within Alithya’s collaborative corporate culture.

A well-aligned balance of work and life 
Russell Smith’s vision and values closely align with those of Alithya. He embraces relationship building as the key to being a trusted advisor, bringing people, process, and product together to achieve amazing things. Russell values the importance of lifetime learning. He is an avid reader and embraces the opportunity to learn and apply concepts that will have a positive impact in business and in life. He has a zeal for studying servant leadership as he strives to grow each day, and finds fulfillment in investing in the growth of others.

Away from the office, Russell loves spending time with his family. On weekends, he can often be found out on the lake waterskiing, wake surfing, or fishing. Away from the lake, he also enjoys hiking trails and mountain biking. Russell also has a passion for people. For several years, he has been involved in different ministries with his church, and he currently leads a class ministering to young couples and families. Russell strives to give back to the community, and he has a particular soft spot for supporting charities and service opportunities that come to the aid of children.
Visit Russell Smith’s LinkedIn profile for more information on his
career highlights. 

Dany Paradis, Senior Vice President, Quebec and Oracle Canada Practice

As both an entrepreneur and a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), Dany Paradis amassed more than 20 years of valuable experience before joining Alithya in 2016. As co-president of the largest Oracle solutions integration company in Quebec at that time, Dany opted to sell her business to Alithya in pursuit of bigger projects and greater innovation. 

As Senior Vice President, Quebec and Oracle Canada Practice, Dany now directs Alithya's consulting and sales activities in Quebec, as well as the company’s Oracle practices in Canada. She also oversees Alithya’s business intelligence and strategy and operational efficiency initiatives. In executing her many responsibilities, she leads a force of 750 professionals operating in multidisciplinary teams, in both French and English. She approaches that challenging task from an honest and authentic perspective, ensuring that she listens carefully to her teams before providing them with clearly articulated guidelines. 

Paying it forward 
Dany Paradis is highly respected by her industry peers and colleagues. She is a trail blazer, having established herself as a successful female entrepreneur in an IT landscape dominated by men in leadership positions. Having opened many doors behind her, she continues to champion the path of women in the IT sector by serving as a mentor to female candidates of the Quebec Association of IT’s Women in IT initiative. Dany is also fiercely proud of being a driving force behind the development of Alithya’s new Higher Education practice, and she continues to inspire future innovators as a teacher for the Quebec Order of Chartered Accountants, and as a member of the Association of Quebec Women in Finance. For more information on Dany’s trail blazing career path, click here to visit her LinkedIn profile. 

Nigel Fonseca, Senior Vice President, Ontario & Western Canada

In 2017, after serving as Chief Executive Officer of Systemware Innovation Corporation (SWI), Nigel Fonseca joined Alithya. As Vice President, Ontario and Western Canada, he leads a team of specialized professionals dedicated to helping Alithya clients in the financial and energy sectors to digitally transform their operations and business processes. 

As a professional engineer, Nigel is recognized for his deep technical knowledge and innovative thinking, such as his decision to establish a Microsoft Azure Practice to complement Alithya extensive Analytics capabilities. His exceptional leadership skills are also coveted by the company, and he focuses on communicating a clear and aligned vision for his team, and on ensuring that all oars are rowing in the same direction in pursuit of successful business outcomes. 

Advancing the state of the art 
Nigel Fonseca embodies perseverance and integrity, and he strives to act in good faith in delivering on commitments and promises, both personally and professionally. His values align very well with those of Alithya, and he embraces the company’s strategy of organic growth and acquisitions, and its approach to investing in new technologies in order to pursue innovative projects that create long-term value for the company’s investors. As a member of the Board of Directors of TechConnex, Nigel is contributing to the advancement of the state of the art by collaborating with thought leaders of small to medium sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area in order to promote new ideas and foster innovation. He also serves on the Board of the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA), where he helps promote development and innovation within the nuclear industry. For more information on Nigel’s career, click here to visit his LinkedIn profile. 

Steeve Duchesne, Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions

Since joining Alithya in 2020 following the acquisition of Askida, a firm he founded 22 years earlier, Steeve Duchesne has been overseeing Alithya's Agility and Internet of Things (IoT) practices in Quebec, as well as the company’s software quality assurance and application development operations. Steeve embraces “servant leadership” in his approach to managing at Alithya, opting for a more collaborative approach of asking what he can do for his team, rather than issuing orders. 

Steeve remains passionate about entrepreneurship and is an active supporter of Quebec’s growing IT sector. In his role as Senior Vice President, Digital Solutions, he has welcomed the opportunity to wear his entrepreneurial hat in leading the rapid growth of the Alithya Digital Solutions Center (ADSC). In the year since its founding, the ADSC team has tripled to reach 620 highly-skilled professionals. 

Mentoring the next generation 
Steeve also participates in numerous fundraising campaigns and is invested in the next generation, having dedicated a lot of his free time to the service of children through his involvement with the Make-A-Wish and Dr. Clown foundations. He currently serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of Refuge des Jeunes de Montréal, an organization devoted to assisting and supporting troubled and homeless young men as they improve their lives. As a family man, Steeve embraces Alithya’s commitment to ensuring the wellbeing of its people, and he the applies the same values on a daily basis to protecting his own large family. Away from the duties of office and home, he enjoys the calmness of hunting and fishing as an effective way to reset his mind. For more information on Steeve Duchesne’s entrepreneurial career path, click here to visit his LinkedIn profile. 

Mike Feldman, Senior Vice President, Oracle Practice, US

After serving in key leadership positions with leading consulting firms, including Andersen Consulting and Ernst & Young, Mike Feldman founded Travercent, a leading US-based Oracle Cloud-focused consulting group focused on the healthcare sector. Since Alithya’s acquisition of Travercent in 2019, Mike has served as Senior Vice President, Oracle Practice, US, and has been instrumental in integrating the various Oracle practices that Alithya has acquired over the years. His leadership skills have assisted Alithya teams to successfully implement and optimize ERP, EPM, and HCM solutions for some of Oracle’s most successful cloud transformations. 

Mike Feldman’s career spans more than 25 years, amassing valuable industry experience that has helped clients to build comprehensive solutions and to produce measurable returns on investment. In his current role, Mike’s expertise is coveted by Alithya customers seeking to connect, transform, and grow their businesses. 

A disciplined approach to work and life 
His entrepreneurial spirit embraces the importance of a framework of functioning support departments, and he has applied that philosophy at Alithya by helping to grow leaders and to develop an outstanding team. With a principle-based mentality that refuses to run from accountability, Mike’s strength of character is emphasized and reinforced by activities requiring mental and physical endurance. In addition to starting a corporate wellness initiative at Alithya, a quiet weekend for Mike might include an Ironman Triathlon, an ultra marathon, furthering his mastery of Jiu Jitsu, playing chess, or rock climbing. For more information on Mike’s impressive career, click here to visit his LinkedIn profile. 

Dave Moreau, Senior Vice President, Public Sector, Quebec

Since joining Alithya as Senior Vice President, Public Sector, following the acquisition of R3D Consulting, Dave Moreau’s extensive knowledge of government agency functions and processes has been helping to drive Alithya’s growing public sector digital transformation projects. He is also spearheading Alithya’s development of an innovative Center of Excellence for the insurance industry. 

Dave has amassed more than 25 years of professional experience in governance, project portfolio management, and project management, and has served as a strategic advisor in the areas of information resources, high technology, telecommunications engineering, building and civil infrastructure, research and development, and organizational development. 

A greater sense of duty 
Truth, duty, and valor are core values embraced by Dave Moreau, whose military background has served him well in his professional endeavors. He embraces Alithya’s approach to being managed by its people, for its people, and he feels a sense of responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of the company’s most valuable assets – the professionals whose knowledge and expertise drive Alithya’s success. Away from the office, Dave immerses himself in a world of diverse cultures and interests that mirror the cultural diversity of Alithya’s workforce. His service as a member of the Board of Directors of Fondation CASA, a non-profit organization providing specialized services in the prevention and treatment of addictions, as well as PTSD for veterans, provides a very human connection. Dave is also an ambassador for the Centraide Major Donors’ Circle in the Quebec City and Chaudières-Appalaches regions. Dave’s approach to life considers a day without learning as a wasted day, and he cherishes the opportunity to learn something new every day at Alithya. For more information on Dave Moreau’s career, click here to visit his LinkedIn profile.