Webinar | Empowering Users with Analytical Multi-Dimensional Expressions (MDX)

Published September 27 2019
11h30 - 13h30

Want to empower users or yourself with more flexible, more advanced packaged Essbase queries?

Essbase and Planning have many great reporting options, but so much of the time users still just want to work with their data in Excel. Smart View does a great job of basic zooming and pivoting. However, there are still things you just can’t do with the usual Smart View features, things like top and bottom reports, custom grouping, custom sorting, and filters.

With MDX, you can! Users can execute MDX from Smart View. The MDX Library extension makes it user friendly, and there are other advantages. It’s fast, it respects security settings, and you can avoid some of the limits on query size. Most importantly, it dramatically extends what users can do with their Essbase data in Excel.

MDX can be complicated; attend this webinar to better understand the code, script files, and a step-by-step approach on how to customize them.

Specifically, the webinar review covers:
• Top and bottom reports
• Sorting and filtering
• Custom grouping
• Calculated columns
• Custom time-based analytical calculations
• How to customize the queries
• Using variables for customization

Whether you're an admin, developer, power user, or an adventurous end user with no knowledge of MDX, you'll gain insight into MDX during this webinar.
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