Webinar | Healthcare Providers! Streamline Your Capital Planning & Programming with Alithya’s Capital Portfolio

Published November 8 2019
11:00 am ET
Most organizations manage a formal capital requisition process to decide how to invest limited funds when supporting the organization’s mission. Many organizations outgrow these processes and suffer with capital investment request, prioritization, and approval workflows that are manual, complicated, and don't offer the organization much value – and they don't ensure that limited funding is being allocated efficiently in the organization to align with delivering quality care to patient populations and in support of philanthropic endeavors.

In this webinar, learn about Alithya’s Capital Portfolio Planning (CPP) process built upon real-world implementations in Healthcare and other industries:

1) Learn about the ‘7 Challenges of Capital Planning” we frequently see at our clients.

2) Review leading practices to solve these capital programming challenges.

3) See how an efficient capital planning process can assist the whole organization with better decision-making across business functions, departments, finance, treasury, procurement, IT requisition, and facilities.

4) Discuss approaches to link healthcare-specific metrics into your capital request and prioritization process.

5) Show & tell “demo” of Alithya’s Capital Portfolio Planning capital-request, prioritization, and approval using Oracle’s Cloud-based EPM Planning suite.

Meet Mark Hite, Director of Healthcare Solutions, David Pabst, Capital Portfolio Planning Product Manager, and Mija Deering, Director of Solution Engineering during this insightful webinar.
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