Webinar: Shorten the Close with Automation using Oracle Account Reconciliation

Published February 9 2021
11 AM ET

With multiple ERPs and subledgers, large data volumes, various reconciliations types and formats, and tight timelines, the reconciliation process can be an aggravating and time consuming task for accounting teams. With Oracle Account Reconciliation, companies are able to automate tasks, streamline processes, enhance visibility, and centralize the reconciliation process, leading to more time focused on unreconciled differences and analysis. This drives confidence in the process and brings costs benefits by shortening the close and reducing the effort by the accounting team.

  • Do you have a centralized reconciliation process that provides insight and transparency into your process of completed and incomplete reconciliations?
  • Are you able to produce reports that provide transparency into late reconciliations and aged unreconciled items?
  • Are you spending weeks reconciling/certifying balances and feel that the process should, instead, take days or even hours?
  • Do any of your reconciliations ever go missing from the binders that need to be reviewed by the auditors?

Oracle and Alithya have an easy answer.

Speakers: Nick Boronski, Dennis Cole, and Mike Pilch