Webinar: Healthcare Insurer Costing: Provide Enhanced Insights with Alithya’s Tiered Allocation Methodology and Oracle EPM

Published May 12 2020
Healthcare Insurer Costing Provide enhanced insights with Altihya’s Tiered Allocation Methodology and Oracle EPM
11am ET

“Patients and purchasers of health care should be assured that we are using our limited health care resources in ways that truly improve the health of the population. Any dollar spent on administrative overhead is a dollar not available for patient care.”

Market pressures, combined with increasing health care costs, have forced Insurers to place a premium on managing administrative expenses.  With evolving complexity of product offerings, understanding product line and market segment costs become essential information for managing the business.  Add to this, compliance requirements imposed by government programs such as the Federal Employee Program, Medicare and CHAMPUS, has resulted in a very complex financial application requirement. 

Traditional cost allocation functions are evolving into a key strategic function of Profitability and Cost Management, transforming data into meaningful and actionable information to be consumed throughout the organization.  Profitability and Cost management solutions are driving a key performance metric – the overall profitability of the business.  As a strategic solution, profitability and cost management involves defining a methodology linking processes to products, understanding the business drivers, analyzing results, and changing business processes as a result. 

Join us to discuss Alithya’s Cost Center – Tiered Allocation Methodology – a prescriptive approach and accelerator that maximizes the time-to-value of Oracle EPM Cloud.  In this session, understand the methodology’s sophisticated multi-faceted allocation approach increase the accuracy and accessibility of the cost data... and achieve more meaningful, accurate financial output.

After this program, you'll be able to:

  • Assess your current cost accounting methodology to understand the level of accuracy of your cost data
  • Benchmark your organization's cost data and cost accounting methodologies against your peers to identify areas of opportunity for your organization
  • Create a roadmap for actions required to advance your methods and processes to ensure your cost accounting approach meets your strategic needs
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