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Chemical Manufacturing

Take Back Control with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Alithya delivers ERP, CRM, BI and Digital solutions to empower commodity, industrial, specialty and agricultural chemical manufacturers to control and maximize assets, minimize operating costs, and make data-driven decisions on orders, production, inventory and distribution.

We also address deeper industry-specific challenges like batch order balancing, lot characteristics inheritance, scheduling, formula management, managing purchase prices based on potency, and more.

Meet quality and safety requirements

Document standard processes and track operations and results to meet regulatory requirements. Implement effective recall procedures with forward and backward traceability of any material.

Manage inventory with precision

Track inventory in real-time from raw materials to finished goods. Predict the impact of operational changes to minimize disruptions. Manage production requirements, including co-products and by-products. Reduce overruns and underruns and maximize yields.

Detect and address exceptions early

Track lot requirements, and leverage production statistics reporting, specification management and change management tools to gain the control and predictability you need to detect and address exceptions.

Drive visibility across sales, marketing, production and service

Exceed customer expectations by enabling employees to share critical data across your business. Get a 360-degree view of your entire operation to improve capacity and drive continuous improvement.

Reduce waste

Speed and improve production with functionality that lets you take the guesswork out of batch balancing. Use formulations in Microsoft Dynamics to rework and reblend off-spec materials into sellable inventory.

Target and convert more sales opportunities

Accelerate sales growth with our manufacturing-specific CRM solutions built on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Best-practice workflows, templates and dashboards drive forecast and pipeline accuracy and simplify processes.

We’ve known for some time that we needed to upgrade AX 2009 to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations because AX 2009 was no longer being supported by Microsoft. Additionally, our AX 2009 deployment was no longer optimized to our business processes and we wanted to correct that in implementing D365 FO. At first, the project seemed prohibitively expensive, such that we’d need to get it done internally. However, Fullscope helped us plan to do some of the upgrade work ourselves, leveraging Fullscope where they could provide the expertise we needed. This represented enough of a cost savings that we were able to move ahead on the project. Going forward, the additional functionality within Dynamics 365 and the cloud-based technology will add efficiencies to our business, reduce modifications, and eliminate the headache of managing on-site hardware.

We selected Microsoft Dynamics 365 as our common ERP platform for one of our strategic operating groups. We partnered with Alithya because they have deep industry knowledge, coupled with industry-specific tools like ChemXpress, which will help our subsidiaries have consistent deployments focused on industry best practices.

Streamline Processes and Accelerate Implementation

The chemical manufacturing industry has specific procedures and system needs. ChemXpress streamlines processes and leverages the benefits of your historical data for quick reporting across your organization.

Our solution helps you easily manage batches and lots, potency, quality, co/by-product processing, customer rebates, trade promotions, compliance tracking, attribute-based pricing and more.

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