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Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Grow Profitably with Microsoft Dynamics 365
We empower food & beverage manufacturers to meet their challenges

Alithya provides ERP, CRM, BI and Digital solutions that empower food and beverage manufacturers to control and maximize assets, minimize operating costs, meet quality and regulatory requirements, and monitor the impact of decisions on orders, production, inventory and distribution. For deeper food industry requirements, we help you create and manage recipes, adjust batch-order picking based on raw material potency, manage inventory levels and pricing of active ingredients, and more.



Meet safety, quality and compliance requirements

Document processes and track operations to meet regulatory requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Track items from recipe to package and confidently implement effective recall procedures.

Control production costs

Closely monitor operations, including yields, labor and material usage. Plan production shifts to maximize capacity. Address the high perishability of raw food materials and ingredients to minimize overruns and short runs.

Manage inventory with precision

Track inventory in real-time from raw materials to finished goods. Make timely adjustments in response to changes in commodity prices. Centrally manage co-products and by-products in your formulas and recipes.

Align sales and production

Drive productivity and visibility across sales, marketing and service. Use rebates and trade promotions functionality to drive sales and manage spend. Adjust production as needed and eliminate waste through shelf-life tracking and planning.

There was a cultural fit with Alithya and Microsoft. It felt like our discussions were with someone who works for Kent instead of a 3rd party. Implementations are hard and we did not want to run into cultural differences where our team found it hard to work with our partners. Plus, we were already a Microsoft shop and wanted a fully integrated solution that would be there for the long haul.