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ERP, CRM, BI and Digital solutions from Alithya empower property management firms to strengthen tenant relationships, create a consistent leasing experience, and deliver proactive maintenance services. Ultimately, that creates a stronger relationship with your tenants and adds more to your bottom line. Here are the property management outcomes you can expect:

Exceed tenant expectations Achieve leasing excellence Improve service maintenance Increase rental revenue and net operating income

Exceed tenant expectations

Provide a better user experience to your tenants. Offer a personalized level of service and access to information anytime via mobile, making every interaction in the tenant lifecycle an opportunity to make a great impression.

Achieve leasing excellence

Manage and automate your leasing process. Workflows will help you manage and ask for the right documents and information at the right time. From credit and background checks to contract management and renewals - let technology help you drive consistency and best practices.

Improve service maintenance

Move from reactive to proactive service maintenance. Anticipate tenant needs. Allow them to voice their maintenance needs in the format that suits them best - through texting, email, phone call, social media, etc.

Increase rental revenue and net operating income

Automate your renewal processes. Cut costs by eliminating legacy and add-on technologies with a comprehensive and modern solution. Key information is all in one place, making it easier for your tenant services personnel.

The number one word that comes to mind when I think of Alithya, their team and their leadership, is advocate. Whether it's through D365 University, Alithya Connect, or executive meetings, they have always had a solution. They have always listened to us and they've also been a friend and a partner. Alithya helps us obtain the best that we can from Microsoft Dynamics.

See the Software in Action

Commercial, residential and mixed use property management groups leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions to grow profitably in a time of fast-changing tenant expectations.

Why Your Current Tenant Experience Wont Work_4 ways

Why Your Current Tenant Experience Won't Work e-Book

Creating memorable tenant experiences matters if you want to stay profitable and attract capital. It enables you to strengthen your relationships and tenant stickiness. In a workplace that is getting harder to find and keep employees, it helps your clients differentiate their brand. To do that, you need to understand:

  • Your tenants and how to best communicate with them.
  • The businesses your tenants serve to proactively provide offers and promote a better culture.

It is important to recognize the key ways that today's tenants are different. That's what we are covering in this e-book.

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Additional Insights to Set Yourself up for Successful Tenant-Centric Technology Initiatives

High Performing Organization

The companies that are the most successful with their technology implementations think of the software as a strategy or business outcome execution engine. We refer to these companies as High Performing Organizations (HPO). We’ve taken this concept a step further by creating the HPO model to help you organize resources and schedules to support your technology initiatives.


Make Better Decisions for Growth
Know what is happening across your business, from tenant experience to leasing process management and from maintenance management to financials. Leverage data to improve decision-making on where to grow, and how to grow profitability.