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Industry 4.0 is the way to go

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The fourth wave of the industrial revolution

From the use of water and steam to electricity, assembly lines, computers and automation, Industry 4.0 is the latest wave of the industrial revolution. It’s the shift that enhances the current use of computers and automation with smart, autonomous systems fuelled by data and machine learning. This combination of cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Systems is what makes this revolution possible.

Machines become smarter and people become more empowered as they gain access to more data and better insights. They become more productive, more efficient and less wasteful. Interconnected devices communicate and share information, leading to real-time visualization as well as automated and improved decision making.

See what Industry 4.0 can do for you

By redefining the benchmark, these new capabilities take you beyond continuous improvement and open the door to new business models. Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

Information for All
Industry 4.0 breaks down information silos by offering real-time data insights across the business and democratization of information. Allowing everyone access to information ensures the correct information gets to the right person at the right time. Effectively, it decentralizes decision making and reorganizes the value chain.

Optimizing manufacturing operations
Industry 4.0 enables peak production, efficiency, inventory management, equipment maintenance and quality control. And with features like predictive maintenance, downtime and capital expenditure are reduced, leading to increased revenue and profitability.

Workforce transformation
Industry 4.0 transforms work into something less repetitive, more diversified and more productive. All departments can benefit, from purchasing to sales, quality, maintenance, engineering and production, right down to shipping and receiving as well as HR.


What our team can do

  • Alithya performs a thorough diagnosis of your current state and opportunities. We develop a tailored strategy and implementation plan that define your objectives, prioritize them and determine the resources you will need.
  • We help you identify, define, prioritize and deliver use cases for artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.
  • Alithya builds, trains and deploys artificial intelligence models and implements Internet of Things solutions.
  • We design and implement data science architectures, solutions and tools.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions from Alithya can give you a 360° view of your organization. View the infographics.
Key success factors

Taking the path of the 4th industrial revolution is not a one-off project. It’s a transformation, a journey, a change of culture. Keep these principles in mind throughout:

IT/OT integration
The integration between industrial, operational technologies (OT) and information technology (IT) is a crucial step in enabling Industry 4.0 solutions, so it definitely helps to have a partner that has expertise in both areas.
Foster adoption

Tools and solutions are important, but adoption is even more essential. This makes change management and addressing the human aspects crucial to guaranteeing the success and return on investment of your initiatives.

The right first step

It is critical to choose an initial use case or project with a suitable level of complexity and that will be adopted, yield positive results and justify the effort associated with laying the foundation.

Scalability from the start

You need a solid, scalable foundation to enable and fuel the multiplication of data driven solutions within your business. It starts with making information available; connecting and integrating your applications and systems.

  • Our experts have been delivering AI and IoT solutions since 2013.
  • We deliver at all levels of the solution stack: industrial automation (PLCs, SCADA, etc.), IT (architecture, development, integration, etc.), data science, IoT, etc.
  • Our team combines knowledge of data science with experience in the manufacturing / industrial sector.
  • We master change management, training and other critical human considerations.

Alithya implements best practices to support Verger Leahy’s digital transformation. Thanks to the unparalleled rigor of their exceptional team, our agri-food company is successfully modernizing its systems to make them smarter, while improving competitiveness. Vergers Leahy is pleased to be able to rely on a leading partner like Alithya that ensures transparent communication and excellent risk management.