eBook - Selling The Business of Expertise

How digital technology boosts business development in the legal industry

It's time for law firms to seize the tech advantage.

In the legal industry, business development (BD) has always depended on carefully nurtured personal relationships. Until recently, the details about those relationships and the insight into business opportunities were firmly lodged in partners’ heads and Rolodexes.

But times are changing. Digital transformation has arrived in law firms and so has a new approach to professional growth, bringing with it a new generation of business development specialists, tools and processes.

Some of these new specialists are lawyers with an appetite for building business; others may have cut their teeth in other professional services organisations. What they all have in common is a belief in the power of digital to democratise sales intelligence and drive business growth.

This eBook is for anyone looking to change the way they develop new business in a law firm. 

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