Guide: Top Ways Marketing Can Help Sales Succeed

Top Ways Marketing Can Help Sales Succeed

Are your sales and marketing teams connected simultaneously with important data, customer engagement, sales processes and shared sales objectives?

In our latest guide 'Top Ways Marketing Can Help Sales Succeed' we explore how the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, enables marketing and sales teams to share common data, a complete view of customers, connected processes and drive pipeline and sales.

Common challenges between sales and marketing

The performance of sales and marketing as a cooperative unit has been restricted for many years, affecting a high proportion of companies. These are some of the top challenges:

  • Isolated systems and processes which failed to communicate to both sales and marketing

  • Non-integrated technology resulting in customer activity and leads having  inconsistent views

  • Limited or no visibility on sales conversions

Overcome these challenges

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In the guide you will read how sales and marketing teams must:

  1. Hold integrated technology
  2. Agree on shared commitments
  3. Keep aligned with customer engagement objectives
  4. Share a common process definition