Fullscope Transformation Series

An educational series designed to help you maximize your Microsoft Dynamics investment

Are you getting the most out of your Dynamics investment? Are you leveraging the Microsoft platform to make your Dynamics solution come to life? Many times the Microsoft platform (and all that it offers) is a very compelling factor in making a decision to move forward with a Dynamics solution, however for initial project phases it’s easy to focus on an ERP or CRM only initiative. We’ve created this series to offer education and insights on the types of technologies available that will make Dynamics really sing for your business.

We are excited to have added Fullscope Digital to the family, allowing us to now be your go to partner for not only Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX and CRM) but also digital solutions like SharePoint, Office 365, portals and eCommerce.  We’ve also recently expanded the Business Intelligence tools and solutions to support your data initiatives.  With over 1,200 successful customer implementations, our award winning team has all of the expertise, IP and support you need to make the most of your Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Please join us for one, a few or all of the sessions below to learn about tools that will maximize your Microsoft Dynamics investment.

On Demand Webinars

Intro of CRM Capabilities, Functionality and Benefits for ERP Customers

Presented by: Glenn Goulding, Chad Weiner and David Kohar 

You've seen the value of automating your processes around Finance and Operations, but what about Sales, Marketing and Service? Have you heard the leadership team talking about the challenges of sales pipeline health and management? Or challenges around customer visibility and experience? Register for this webinar to see how leveraging Microsoft Dynamics technology to automate front office processes will drive additional benefit around your Microsoft investments.

Intro of ERP Capabilities, Functionality and Benefits for CRM Customers

Presented by: Patrick Lewis and Ron Scott 

You've seen the benefits of automating your processes around Sales, Marketing and Service, but what about Finance and Operations? Has the leadership team been talking about the challenges of inventory management? Or how it takes weeks or longer to close the books? Register for this webinar to see how leveraging Microsoft Dynamics technology to automate back office processes will drive further Microsoft investment value for your business.

An Intro to Field Service Functionality and Capabilities

Presented by: Patrick Lewis and Bill Kinahan

Transform the way you service your customers from initial interaction to resolution, from contact center to field service operations. With the power of Microsoft Dynamics, you can integrate service operations all into one system. Give every player in your organization access to accurate, real-time data on every customer, and the level of service remains high at each touch point. Learn how your Field Service operation can become the proactive, revenue-driving aspect of your business you have always wanted. 

Benefits of SharePoint, Office 365 and Document Management

Presented by: Patrick Lewis and Ori Fishler 

The power of SharePoint and other O365 technologies is the ability to collaborate seamlessly on-prem, in the Cloud, or as a hybrid of both. These solutions will help you: share data and information; organize projects and remote teams in a consistent workplace; discover important information and unique expertise among your staff and assets. SharePoint and Office 365 can also integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics to extend the ability to manage files, improve collaboration, and enhance communication for sales or operations teams.

Getting the Most Out of Your Data - What Business Intelligence can do for You

Presented by: Patrick Lewis and Gina Pabalan 

Your data is telling a story. To understand that story, you must have a full picture of your finance, operations, sales, marketing and service functions. Gaining access to your data via dashboards, reporting and advanced views can drive better business decision making. We give you the power to understand what’s driving your business by seeing your ERP and CRM data in new ways by using business intelligence tools. Register for this webinar to understand the options and tools available to you. 

An Intro to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing

Presented by: Shelby Gregory and Thomas Manders

Turn prospects into business relationships with Dynamics 365 for Marketing, the latest addition to the Microsoft Dynamics platform. Find and nurture more sales-ready leads by moving beyond basic email marketing. Connect sales and marketing, automate processes, and make smarter decisions to maximize your marketing ROI. Join us for a live demonstration.

Intro to PowerApps

Presented by: Glenn Goulding, Ryan Casey and Chad Weiner
Microsoft provides tools that can take you well beyond Marketing, Sales and Service.  Join us for a webinar that showcases Microsoft’s platform for business apps that enables you to build and deploy web and mobile business applications for your employees, helping you solve real business challenges without writing custom applications.  The Microsoft PowerApps framework gives you options beyond the classic “build versus buy” paradigm, with a framework your company may already own and have expertise in.  This webinar will provide an overview and demo of this framework.

Intro to Talent

Presented by: Patrick Lewis and David Barrick
Stay ahead of your competition when recruiting new hires by automating key processes from job posting to onboarding to core HR tasks. With Microsoft’s fully integrated Talent solution, HR professionals can track candidates’ progress throughout the recruiting process and keep the full hiring team informed and involved. Candidates will appreciate the more transparent experience and, when it’s time to accept the offer, feel welcomed throughout a quick and smooth onboarding process. Watch now to see how the Dynamics 365 Talent solution will meet your HR needs from the same great platform your team already knows.

Why You Need an O365 Modern Refresh

Presented by: Ori Fishler and Glenn Goulding
If you migrated to the cloud O365 in the last few years, you’d be surprised with how much has changed! SharePoint is now modern and responsive. Teams is fast becoming the main access point. Hub sites allow new styles of content aggregation and access, while Flow has replaced SharePoint workflows. In addition, PowerApps provide a powerful replacement to Infopath and much, much more. Join us to learn all about the modern O365, how to migrate your traditional SharePoint and Apps to modern, and other best practices from our team’s experiences to help you get the most out of O365.

Meet the Presenters

Bill Kinahan

Sr. Solutions Consultant

Chad Weiner

CRM Solution Architect

David Barrick

Business Analyst, Talent

David Kohar

Managing Director

Gina Pabalan

Director, Business Intelligence

Glenn Goulding

Account Executive

Ori Fishler

Director, Digital Solutions

Patrick Lewis

Director, Business Outcomes

Ron Scott

Sr. Solutions Consultant

Ryan Casey

Vice President

Shelby Gregory

Senior Consultant

Thomas Manders

CEO/Managing Director