All we want for Christmas is you!

Published November 25 2020
Maxime Comtois, Director of Talent Acquisition and Allocation
Maxime Comtois
Director of Talent Acquisition and Allocation
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Alithya has been good this year. Well-intentioned efforts, a dash of discipline, and a healthy dose of continued growth. So, as the holidays approach, we’re asking Santa Claus to leave one special gift under the tree: your application!

Why should Alithya be at the top of your wish list, ahead of a Play Station 5?

For us, taking care of one another means providing our employees with concrete support, including training and other programs that enable development of their full potential. For example:
  • Internal programs like the Agile Academy
  • Conferences and meetings at the heart of the technology community
  • Training sessions to retain certifications required by professional orders

At Alithya, you’ll have access to the very latest working tools, which Santa’s elves are also preparing to leave under the tree. May the overheating PCs of your former employer be banished forever ! (Well, at least we can bid them farewell at an eco-centre!)

In short, we take your ambitions to heart, and we’ll provide you with the means to achieve them. We offer personalized career development and, from there, the sky is the limit!

Consider it a real-life, career path version of leveling up on your PS5, but with insurance, RRSP, and Share Purchase Plan included.

In addition to all of the above, our working conditions kick butt. Always on the leading edge of current trends, Alithya values a healthy work-life balance and flexible schedules, particularly during this age of teleworking. Want some examples?
  • Zébulon has been seen in a shirt and sweatpants since launching meetings on Zoom. We don’t judge him…we just don’t want to see his sweatpants!
  • Farfouille, on the other hand, takes advantage of his lunch hour to walk his dog. If Pitou is happy, then everyone is happy
  • Then there is Tincelle, who often takes an afternoon break to go outside for some fresh air, returning to the computer in the evening

(Yes, our employees have elf names!)

All we want to see under the tree this year is your application

No matter what type of (tele)worker you are, there’s a place for you with us.

Alithya is looking for enthusiastic and creative people who embrace a good challenge, and who are deeply entrenched in the concept of ''collaboration''. We are looking for intrapreneurs who love to share their expertise and apply their creativity to the advancement of projects within a team framework, with the common goal of assisting clients in leveraging technology in order to attain their business objectives.

As Mariah Carey aptly sings, ''I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need''. We need you: your talent, your energy, and your passion.

Will your greatest gift this year be a job that matches your ambitions? If so, then raise your glass of milk and come join us!

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