2020 Professional Services Industry Trends: Top Organizational Priorities

Published May 15 2020 by Lisa Dunham

What’s important to your organization this year? (Besides avoiding the Coronavirus.) Of course a question like this is understood before the New Year even begins and really depends on the goals of your organization at that time but it doesn’t hurt to examine the priorities sought after outside of your organization and peer into what others are deeming important. Results from this survey report show just what others in your industry are thinking.

Q. Thinking about your organization’s priorities overall, please rank the following in order of importance (1 being the most important and 4 being the least important)?


Increased project effectiveness, improved planning and forecasting, and optimizing utilization of people were considered the top three priorities, with optimizing property resource utilization and improving project visibility not far behind.

The results from this survey report indicate that implementing a CRM tool would help professional services achieve these goals. Keep in mind, however, to be successful, companies must understand that technology is a tool, not a strategy. It’s one of the reasons why 63% of CRM initiatives end in failure, as referenced by SuperOffice. To ensure the successful adoption of CRM at the organizational level, professional services should focus on:

  • Obtaining leadership buy-in at the onset of the project
  • Creating a robust training program that reinforces adoption
  • Understanding that the initiative is not one and done once implemented but an ongoing project that requires revaluation

To learn more about what other professional service organizations are saying about 2020. Download the full report here to get instant access to full survey report and analysis: 2020 Professional Services Industry Trends: Survey Result and Analysis.

2020 Professional Services Industry Trends Survey Results & Analysis

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