3 Common CRM Implementation Mistakes

Published October 23 2017 by Chris Wingate
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A customer relationship management or CRM, is one of the most valuable systems that you can use to take your customer service to the next level. A good CRM can help nurture relationships, increase sales, and lower support costs. However, there are several mistakes that can kill a CRM solution before it's even fully operational. 

To get the most out of the investment your organization has made, you have to have a clear vision for your CRM. This includes getting everyone in your organization to take part in the implementation process. With that said, here are 3 common CRM implementation mistakes you should avoid:

Not Thinking About The End User

CRM is highly reliant on user input; it is essential that you get the end users involved right from the outset. No matter how great your CRM is, if the end users can't use it effectively, it likely won't produce the desired results. To succeed with your CRM initiative, you should get the end users actively involved and have them take on a portion of the ownership of the project.

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Not Having A Plan 

The ultimate success of a CRM initiative requires a long-term strategy and vision.

When implementing CRM, keep in mind that your business needs will change over time and that the change will impact projects and performance. A critical component of planning is training; having a training plan will go a long way in avoiding CRM failure

Focusing on Price Alone

When choosing a CRM solution, you should not base your decision solely on price, but rather on value and scalability. The problem with choosing the most inexpensive solution is that you risk missing out on the important functionality that can enhance user experience. 

Bottom line: don't choose a solution based on price, but look instead for one that fits your business needs and goals. Check out this video from Patrick, our Director of Business Outcomes and CRM Success: 


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