3 Options for Equipment Dealers to Maintain Consistency in Their CRM and ERP Data

Published February 23 2018 by David Kohar
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Accurate data management is a fundamental process for equipment dealers, especially between multiple systems. There are different types of methods that can be applied when managing records in Dynamics 365, specifically when it comes to ERP and CRM integration. Logging information, whether it be through your ERP system or CRM, requires careful tracking in order to maintain accurate and organized records during the constant flow of information between the two systems.  The process can be manually driven to ensure a person is reviewing each change to fully automated. 

Among the different methods used, one approach is the ability to utilize auditing functionality that is built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 in conjunction with the Gatekeeper functionality that we have included in our Equipment Dealer Solution.  

Auditing + Gatekeeper Functionality Overview

In this scenario, the system is mostly automated but it allows for a “Gatekeeper” or person in the organization to monitor updates/changes and has a mechanism to go back and fix data issues immediately that are incorrect. 

The process would look like this:

CRM Gatekeeper pic.png


  1. User adds a record into ERP system
  2. Record flows back into Dynamics 365 (CRM)
  3. CRM user has the capability to update record
  4. Updated record flows back in ERP
  5. Gatekeeper is notified to review and can take corrective action

At the same time the record is being audited in Dynamics 365 (CRM) so that there is history of what fields have changed, when they were changed and by who along with what the previous data was.  

Watch this video to see the different types of methods used to manage records within Dynamics 365 and a demonstration on how this functionality might work for the gatekeeper and the auditing capabilities in Dynamics 365.  

CRM and ERP Integration Data Concepts for Equipment Dealers

Note* These concepts can be used across various industies. 


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