3 Ways Your Food or Beverage Company Can Implement an ERP Without Going Over Your Budget or Timeline

Published February 22 2018 by Glenn Goulding
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There are risks you may be afraid to take when implementing a new system into your business — like high costs and timelines that seem never-ending. But we believe you shouldn’t have to be apprehensive when implementing a new ERP solution into your business.

That’s why we created FoodXpress, a rapid deployment template that helps streamline the time it takes to implement an ERP solution into a food or beverage company. Through Fullscope’s comprehensive food manufacturing experience and highly skilled team of consultants, developers, and project managers; FoodXpress can help those who are hoping to get up and running quickly on Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. 

So, you’re probably wondering, how can FoodXpress actually help my ERP implementation process?

Here are 3 ways your business can benefit from the FoodXpress template. 

1. Streamline Your Processes to Mirror Those of Other Successful Food and Beverage   Manufacturers:

Instead of spending countless hours in conference rooms with consultants going over business processes and how to customize an ERP system to fit your needs, use our pre-designed business process models to go live on your new system quickly. Our FoodXpress template lets you leverage the knowledge we’ve gained after successfully deploying hundreds of ERP solutions at food manufacturers. We have over 1,000 process models that cover all standard food manufacturing requirements, such as:

  • Batch order management
  • Co/By-product processing
  • Catch weight processing
  • Quality management
  • Compliance tracking
  • Trade promotions
  • Customer rebates
  • Deduction management
  • Batch/Lot management
    • Batch/Lot expiration dating
    • Batch/Lot attribute processing
    • Batch/Lot traceability
    • Batch/Lot balancing
    • Batch/Lot merge

2. Use Built-in Training That Teaches While You Work:

Help your employees take ownership of their daily processes in your new system with our 600+ task guides, which walk users through completing operations step-by-step, on the screen and within Dynamics 365. Having detailed automated guidance implemented into the system trains users as on the job and in the moment, helping them do things like formula setup, data configuration and setting up country- or state-specific shipping restrictions. And, the guides are always there—so if a long-term employee needs to be refreshed on a rarely used process or a new employee needs to learn the system quickly, our guides are always accessible.

3. Simplify Operations to Cut Costs Over Time:

When you simplify operations and maintenance through application consolidation, you can save on annual costs. To learn more about a business that benefited from Edgewater’s FoodXpress methodology, read this case study.



Glenn, a top Senior Account Executive for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, has over 15 years of experience digitally transforming upper mid-market manufacturing organizations across the United States.

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