4 Areas of Manufacturing that are Intelligently Impacted with IIoT

Published August 11 2017 by Diane Esposito
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Are you engaging your customers, empowering your employees, optimizing your operations and transforming your products so you can extend and evolve with IIoT? Your IIoT implementation needs to be flexible to allow the integration of your current devices, the cloud and solutions. Business processes are a continuous loop of feedback that push us for higher quality interactions and improvement on the flow of information. This, in turn, will drive greater service and operational excellence and will give you the ability to reengineer products faster.

Digital Solutions

Can you deploy new service-based products without waiting to develop traditional solution infrastructures? If so, you can improve your margins and increase customer loyalty if you build an intelligent, scalable platform. You'll create more customer-focused solutions, recreate customer experiences so you can deliver new and smarter devices and create differentiated and disruptive services. Virtual teams are able to collaborate and work together across the globe because the digital solutions they are using enable them to develop new solutions quickly, uninhibited by IT constraints and complex deployments.

Engage Your Customers 

You have an unprecedented opportunity to engage with your customers in a 1:1 relationship with visibility into products so you can interact and serve your customers better, by real-time connectivity across personal devices and by using artificial intelligence capabilities across IoT and the Internet of People.

Empower Your Employees

You probably have connected devices and equipment on your shop floors or on customer sites but are you able to connect your employees to any type of device and communicate to any cloud in any programming language with your existing IT/OT platform? Your employees will be able to improve productivity and collaborate across the value chain and if these processes are in place.

Optimize Your Operations 

Every manufacturer like you wants to be able to anticipate problems before they happen. If your equipment is connected into a virtual view in control rooms so they can apply advanced analytic techniques like machine learning and stream analytics to predict problems, they can help improve traditional practices to manage quality, maintenance, energy or equipment performance. This gives you the ability to choose the capabilities you need to enhance operational and service excellence to deliver new business value without replacing your current implementations.

Transform Your Products 

Remember when competition was about best practices? Now it's about differentiated offerings from companies that fuel competition on what the best business model is. As a manufacturer you need to use a modular platform that shows your differentiating offers while adapting to increased customer expectations and the new speed of business. These offers are innovative value-added services that bring new capabilities to your customers.

Moving Forward

You can capitalize on the best business model opportunities by using Industrial IoT capabilities with rich, service-based products. If you use a fragmented IIoT implementation it will not help you. You need to do more than just connect devices and products or apply analytics to your processes, you need to connect equipment, analyze data, visualize information and be able to make decisions on the new insights into your customers and operations. If you do this, you will gain a competitive edge that can drive new sources of revenue for your organization.

Determine whether or not your existing infrastructure meets your needs, if not you can unlock new business value from the connected products your customers are using. You can implement a holistic platform that provides you with the necessary capabilities for an IIoT solution. Download our  Competing in the Digital Age of Manufacturing eBook for more information on how to transform your business.

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