5 Step Checklist for Identifying the Right CRM or ERP Implementation Partner

Published June 26 2019 by Dominic Telaro
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You wouldn’t marry just anyone would you?  So why would you choose just any vendor when it comes to something as important as a new software implementation into your company. It’s a long journey convincing senior leaders in the company that you’re in dire need of a new software system and when you finally get to a point where it’s time to bring things into fruition, there should be thorough research done when it comes to choosing a partner. After all, you should look at your vendor as a long-term partner.

Here is a 5 step check list to follow when attaining customer references:

  1. Ask for an industry-specific reference, ideally using the same software
  2. Look for references from both newer and older customers
  3. Evaluate the references for the level of enthusiasm
  4. Key data points include: overall cost, ROI, and length of implementation
  5. Distinguish between satisfaction with the software and the ongoing post implementation support

It’s always important to note that the end of the journey for a software implementation is not at go-live. The lifespan of a partner-vendor relationship should stretch far beyond initial implementation. It begins at day 1, from your partner asking exactly what objectives need to be achieved and if those objectives are being met. If an objective is not being met along the way, tactics need to be changed. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for example, things are easily pivoted into the direction the company needs to go in order to achieve success. The company and the vendor should carry on the journey of software optimization after go-live and maintain a strategic partnership in order to ensure ample adoption of the solution. A review cadence should be scheduled and adhered to.

If you are interested in learning more about what is needed and should be expected of a good CRM or ERP implementation process, then download the free guide below – 7 Best Practices for Successful Software Initiative.

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