Alithya pursues a tradition of community involvement with its 8th “Plaisir d’aider” volunteer event

Published June 5 2014
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Saturday, May 24 was Alithya’s “Plaisir d’aider” (Happy to Help Out) day, back again for the 8th straight year. With spouses, children, and friends swelling their numbers to 44, Alithya employees descended on L’Arche L’Étoile  for a day of volunteer work. L’Arche is a community providing intellectually challenged individuals a chance to realize their full potential in a family-type home environment.
Alithya volunteers spent a busy day painting the ceilings, walls, and doors of the 3-storey Le Croissant home on rue Saint-Sauveur.
It was another successful example of people helping people—a team effort greatly appreciated by L’Arche and by all those who took part.
Thanks to all and see you next year!

How did this idea come about?

In 2007, Alithya launched a project to get everyone thinking and talking about values.
A committee organized a volunteer day dubbed “Plaisir d’aider”. Alithya employees, accompanied by family members, spent a day at two Québec City organizations doing volunteer work, while Alithya picked up the tab for any necessary supplies. It was a huge success on every level. The volunteers and organizations involved gave it rave reviews, and it has become a much-anticipated annual spring rendez-vous at Alithya.