Changing Consumer Preferences — Do You Have the Transparency Consumers Want?

Published February 12 2020 by Glenn Goulding
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Consumers are showing no signs of abandoning their interest in organic and health-conscious foods—in fact, by 2025, the organic and health foods market is expected to exceed $70.4B. Consumers don’t just want to be told their food is healthier, they continue to push for increased transparency and sustainability. They want to know where the food is being sourced, how it’s being made, and who is involved in its production. Plus, they want to purchase this food at a price that’s right for their wallets.

Companies that can meet this demand for transparency will be rewarded—and manufacturers who have already invested in technology that gives them deep visibility into their supply chain will be at the forefront of this trend, scooping up profits that companies with outdated technology are leaving on the table.

Keep up with this trend and give customers the transparency they want by investing in traceability processes across your production line. This technology can also help improve your customer experience. For example, AI can help you determine the future of consumer preferences based on historic trends, while blockchain can provide greater visibility into a product’s demand, making it easier to keep stock levels in check.

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Glenn, a top Senior Account Executive for Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP, has over 15 years of experience digitally transforming upper mid-market manufacturing organizations across the United States.

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