Digital Tools for Effective Employee Onboarding

Published September 26 2018
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You’ve found the perfect employee to fill an open position – now what? New employee onboarding is one of the most fragile times in an employee’s experience at your company. If a new employee feels out of place or invisible to team members, it’s surely a recipe for high turnover.

Successful on-boarding requires two first steps: 

1. Productivity 

The proper training is essential to a new hire’s success and helps to ensure that these employees are productive in their new roles.

2. Integration

Acquainting new hires with their environment goes hand-in-hand with their productivity. Indicators from multiple channels help assess the social integration of new hires and proactively help make them feel welcome and immersed into the culture and social aspect of the company.

Digital tools can help new hires connect, automate, and streamline processes for each role, provision and train new hires, and use insights to improve the on-boarding process.

Let's take a closer look at the first week of on-boarding in two vastly different scenarios: 

Scenario One: On shaky ground 

Jade shows up for her first day of work and nothing is ready. Day one consists of introductions, acquiring her laptop and other devices, and learning passcodes. Day two is spent navigating the company intranet looking for the right information and figuring out file naming conventions and team roles. By day three, she still has yet to learn anything about the projects on which she’ll be working or start navigating team processes.

Scenario Two: Feeling welcome and in the groove

With role-based identity, Jade’s experience is quite different. On day one, a device preloaded with employee apps and information about standardized processes is waiting for Jade on her desk. A self-guided program helps her feel empowered and informed, Jade is ready to hit the ground running and immediately start contributing in her new work environment. Onboarding apps make training intuitive for Jade. How-to guides and organizational maps help her get acclimated to her role and the team’s processes. At the same time, social groups, activities, and cultural resources help to immerse her in the company’s culture. A dashboard tracks her progress, and her manager provides additional help along the way. Because she has relocated, Jade receives guides that help her navigate her new city. Making Jade feel welcome, productive, and valuable from day one help to eliminate the anxiety that comes with change and increases her likelihood of long-term employment with the company.

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7 Steps to a Successful Onboarding with Role-based Workflow 

  1. Establish a role-based workflow
  2. Personalize a welcome, share an onboarding guide, and track milestones
  3. Suggest networking and mentoring opportunities
  4. Share communities and social groups
  5. Provide an onboarding buddy
  6. Set up systems training
  7. Use a dashboard to track progress

Microsoft Dynamics for Talent: Onboarding 

Microsoft Dynamics for Talent sets up new employees for success from day one, eliminating anxiety and making them feel welcome in these following ways:

Welcome new team members

Get your new talent excited about their role and improve engagement from before day one with personalized onboarding guides. Provide step-by-step checklists that ensure administrative tasks, like background checks, W2s and direct deposit forms are completed on-time, so you can focus on a memorable first day experience.

Accelerate time-to-impact 

Ensure new employees stay focused on impactful priorities with clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and objectives. Offer a centralized location for company information, training resources, organization charts, and tips to navigate different departments.

Establish important connections 

Ensure your new team member makes the right cross-functional connections as quickly as possible with easily accessible, detailed contact information. Facilitate relocation with campus maps, local attraction guides, and transportation options.

Ensure talent success

Create onboarding guide templates for different roles that can be easily replicated as you build out your team. Provide opportunities for feedback to continuously improve your onboarding experience and drive transformative business results.

For more information, check out our webcast – learn more on automating key hiring processes, as well as creating quick and smooth on-boarding of new hires with the Dynamics 365 Talent solution. Don’t miss part 2 in our Talent blog series: Digital Tools for Effective Employee On-boarding.