Do You Need Field Service Management Capabilities?

Published October 22 2018 by Terry Roy
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Do you deal with scheduling work orders, dispatching technicians, or completing onsite work orders? Dynamics 365 has the tools to help these processes with its Field Service application. Microsoft has recently invested a lot into the Field Service space and with that delivered a complete set of Field Service management capabilities.

From case management to customer service, Dynamics 365 Field Service applications carries you through each phase of case and all the records that it entails.

  • Case management: customer raises their hand about an issue – maybe from the website, phone call or even social media channel

  • Work order creation – exp. installing something, repairing something

  • Scheduling a work order
    - Resource availability

         - Who the technician is and when and where they will be
         - What capabilities the technician will need to have
         - What tasks the technician needs to complete
         - What tools the technician will need

  • Onsite work - mobile functionality 
    - Marking tasks complete
    - Taking pictures of certain tasks for proof
    - Customer signatures

  • Work order closure
    - Updating notes – that go directly into the back office to be reported

Each phase is carefully tracked and noted within the Dynamics 365 Field Service application. Want to watch a demo of these features? Take a look at this on-demand webinar: Intro of CRM Capabilities, Functionality and Benefits for ERP Customers. Review a scenario of each of these three phases below:

Field Service blog image 1


Terry is a veteran executive in the high-tech arena in both thriving and early-stage companies. His goal is to develop a roadmap for clients to become High Performing Field Service Organizations that drive business results and revenue to their bottom line. His expertise includes delivering the positive business outcomes expected from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

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