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Published November 9 2017 by Donna Coxon
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In the previous blog, Dynamics 365- Customer Service we discussed the capabilities of this solution and began with a scenario of how this app can be used by the customer service agent. Now, let's move on to what happens within the Field Service application.

 As a user of Field Service Automation, you can provide quality customer service for all onsite care calls through predictive, and proactive capabilities.

Microsoft Dynamics for Field Service allows you to:

  • Profit from predictive services
  • Equip a mobile workforce
  • Optimize scheduling

Dynamics 365's Field Service capability is a set of tools that enable an organization to manage a mobile workforce and deliver products and services to customers' location.

 The functionality around this tool is:

  • Scheduling and dispatching resources
  • Communications and notifications
  • Interacting with customers in the field
  • Assets management
  • Preventative management
  • Inventory and purchasing
  • Billing
  • Time Keeping
  • Payroll

Now that we know a little more about what Dynamics 365 for Field Service can do, let's continue with our scenario on the capabilities of this app from a field service scheduler and technician's perspective.

In D365, a field service scheduler will tap into the field service schedule board and find the scheduling capability that spans across not just Field Service and Project Service but can also be linked to any other entity within a D365 account.

Schedule Board.png

This scheduling view will give an agent a central calendar where all the resources can be viewed. The scheduler can even search for resources based on different criteria, such as: availability, skill set, proficiency level, roles, what territory they're in etc. From this view, a scheduler can see a number of filters that are offered, such as: find availability and map view.

Map View Schedule Board.png

Within the map functionality, a scheduler can see things like- traffic, travel time, a resources current whereabouts, and effectively, a scheduler can see which recourse is closest in location and their hours of availability.

Availabilty of Resources.png

This task is as easy as dragging and dropping the work order into the calendar for a specific agent.

The field service technician assigned to the work order will then check their mobile dash board and find their service calls, a map, a list of all their bookings for the day and a breakdown of information (names, addresses, phone numbers etc.) on the work orders as well. The tech can go into the app and change the status of orders based on progress.

The scheduling capability that is offered, enables users to schedule field service engineers or project resources but also schedule against any entity in CRM- users can do bookings from anywhere that is needed within CRM. The goal of this application is to get the right people, with the right skill set, to the right place and give them the right technology and resources to fulfill the job.

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