Dynamics 365 – The Art of the Possible

Published September 13 2017 by Natasha Spurr
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What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? Before we answer this question- let's discuss what was offered before Dynamics 365. Historically, there was CRM online, which you could also get as an on premise version and there was Dynamics AXE. There was a separate system where CRM users, for the most part, functioned in a CRM environment, with minimal connections to ERP. Users would have separate CRM and ERP systems, and would have to navigate between the two in order to execute a full end-to-end process. However, Microsoft's former release rebranded these two tools and combined them in a force known as Dynamics 365.

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Powered by Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 connects disconnected business applications into a set of intelligent cloud services, connecting all the data across your organization.

The line drawn between CRM and ERP capabilities is becoming much less defined as Microsoft is launching increasingly more apps that help to execute full end-to-end processes across any of these areas. The functionality is so much more than what we think of as CRM, i.e. managing customer relationships- there's so much more capability especially with some of the new functions like, Project Service Automation and Field Service capabilities which we will discuss in depth in the coming articles.

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Throughout this blog series we will demonstrate the capabilities of D365 and what that will reveal is the art of the possible; the idea that so much more can be done with this software than ever before. Bear in mind, that if you think Dynamics 365 is just CRM, you're wrong! 

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Natasha is an experienced CRM professional with a unique ability to work across both marketing and sales functions. As CRM Marketing Manager at Edgewater Fullscope, Natasha has helped the organization to achieve multiple global partner awards and leadership status across the UK and beyond.

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