First Look at the D365 Release: User Interface and Unified Interface

Published November 27 2017 by David Kohar
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With the new Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement release (the July release) now available, I wanted to highlight what Microsoft has improved around UX Enhancements and summarize the introduction of a new Unified Interface framework.

User Interface Refresh - In order to improve usability and visual appeal, a number of updates were made based on customer feedback that included minimizing whitespace and better presentation of field labels, forms, tabs, buttons, dashboards and data grids. You can see in the screen shot below some of the improved form UI. 


Dynamics 365 UI Refresh screen shot


Introduction of the Unified Interface framework - Microsoft has introduced Hubs for each area of the solution (Sales, Customer Service, Project Services, Field Services) that surfaces that part of the solution in an identical look and feel as that of the Tablet and Phone Apps.  The goal is to have a common theme or a common UI where the end user will learn once and use everywhere. Navigation, look and feel will be very similar across all platforms and you can see the common user experience in the screen shot below.


Dynamics 365 UI Framework 9.0 screen shot


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