Get Better Visibility into Customer Purchase Patterns

Published October 1 2012 by David Kohar
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We are always looking for better ways to understand how and what our customers have purchased from us. Knowing this information more precisely will in turn help us to better approach, interact and serve our prospects and customers in the future.

We put together a video "Get Better Insight into Customer Buying History" to show how you can go from an "Opportunity" to automatically track "Booked Revenue" for a customer and then have far better visibility into the customer's buying behaviors and purchase history as well as a rollup of this information across all your customers, products and sales teams.

Specifically, if you are looking to better understand:

  • What have our customers purchased from us recently?
  • What do our Sales by Product look like?
  • Where are we discounting the most?
  • What is our Sale/Product Mix by Sales Rep?


Here are some highlights from the video: Get Better Insight into Customer Buying History

  • Booked Revenue by Volume and Amount
  • Product Revenue Details
  • Product Sales Mix by Sales Rep
  • List Price vs Actual Revenue by Product
  • List Price vs Actual Revenue by Customer

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