Great Strides:  Oracle Paves the Way for Improved Value and a Better Future Platform with the Release of EPM System v11.2

Published December 12 2019 by AlanRamirez
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We're avidly anticipating a long-awaited release of Oracle EPM System 11.2 - tomorrow!  As soon as we see it drop, we'll alert our audience, so check back here!

Oracle is taking great strides with a revamp of the underlying architecture to pave the way for its 10 year roadmap. Here is what's expected:

  • It will be released for Windows only (at first)
  • Migration will be via out-of-place upgrade
  • Certifications are expected for the following 3rd party components:
    • OS: Windows 2012, 2016, 2019, Oracle Linux 7, RHEL 7
    • RDBMS: Oracle 12.2, SQL Server 2019
    • Browsers: Edge, Chrome, Firefox
    • Java 8 - this is great for supporting TLS 1.2 encryption without extra steps!

The upcoming release will be a fresh install for what is deemed a technical upgrade. The EPM suite has undergone a large pruning effort to focus on core products that improve value and build a better future platform.

  • Products going away include Interactive Reporting, Web Analysis, OFMA, EAL, HSF, Workforce Planning, and quite a few others.
  • EPMA goes away. Hooray for the future! It's replacement? A limited use license of its big brother, DRM. Existing EPMA customers can convert apps to classic or convert to DRM (a utility is planned).
  • Foundation and R&A repositories have both been replaced which is FANTASTIC. To business minded folks, this brings better system stability with a simpler revamped set of database tables running the show under the covers.
  • 11.2 brings no major change to Essbase, but will be based on to minimize impact to upgrading customers. Expect an updated Essbase to come in a later patch.

We've got VMs prepped for download and install. Stay tuned!

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