How-to Address the Challenges of Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Published May 31 2017 by David Kohar
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One of the biggest challenges in providing a great customer experience is giving employees the full picture of the relationship with a client that they are trying to serve.  When asking a question, how often have you heard this response (from someone at an organization that you are working with) : “I will need to go and ask Customer Service” or “Let me check with our Accounting Department on that”.  While this approach has been acceptable in the past, customers are expecting more timely and intelligent interactions each time they connect with you.

Multiple Applications, so Much Data

Most of our customers are using multiple business applications to run their operations. While we have done literally hundreds of integrations to support these customers, it can be a challenge to keep multiple data sources in synch and always know that one source of truth.  Most of the time, customer data and even business processes run across divisions, departments, and different groups within an organization. Given that fact, customer data needs to be moving between these departments and business groups in real-time in order to keep pace with growing customer expectations and to provide that great customer experience. 

One Platform for a Full Picture

With the launch of Dynamics 365, Microsoft is bringing all of the CRM and ERP business processes onto one platform which is breaking down the challenges of getting a full picture of the customer and driving that great customer experience that we are all coming to expect.  Moving forward, organizations will be able to more seamlessly service their customers no matter what channel or department that they reach out to and that will be a competitive advantage to organizations that get this right.

Resolve Issues Faster

A good example of this is in the area of Customer Service.  With Microsoft Dynamics 365, organizations are going to immediately see the ability to resolve issues faster. It will empower the customer service team by putting needed information in front of them so they can solve a customer’s issue much more quickly AND more effectively. It will allow them to route and escalate issues to the people in the organization that are best suited to address them.  If the customer service team needs access to other details of that customer relationship like “have they paid their bills” or “is there an active opportunity going on in that Account” they will have easy access to that information to do the right thing for that customer.

The implications for better customer service, more relevant sales execution and timely marketing communication are extraordinary.  In this era of digital transformation those that embrace and drive that change, will come out as the winners.  For those that don’t, they will be off in the ditch.

Check out this short video to see how-to address the challenges of delivering a great customer experience.

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