Increasing Microsoft Excel Export Limit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Published May 2 2012 by Gus Gonzalez
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Have you ever tried exporting more than 10,000 records out of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Microsoft Excel?

If so, you quickly realized that there is a 10,000-record limit for exporting records to Microsoft Excel.

There are well documented steps on how to modify database variables to increase this limit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise but there was no hope for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organizations, until now.

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After running into this "fact" many times, we decided to solve this issue once and for all so we created a simple and FREE solution that will allow thousands of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organizations around the world to Increase the limit from 10,000 records up to 50,000 in three simple steps.

Before you go through these three steps, we would like for you to make sure you meet every single item on this checklist, if either one of these items is not satisfied, the tool will not work:

  • You must be a Sysadmin for the Organization you are trying to modify.
  • Your email address/Windows Live ID account must be Verified (email address verification step required by Microsoft). If you are unsure whether your account is Verified, please log in to and confirm.
  • You must complete all the fields from the getting started form accurately as the change for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Organization occurs live.

Note: Internet Explorer is the recommended browser during the steps detailed below.

Once you understand the items described on the checklist above, Navigate to: and follow these steps to increase the Microsoft Excel export limit for a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization:

  1. Complete the information on the "Getting Started" form accurately and Click "Next":
  2. Select your Organization from the Drop Down menu and click "Next"
  3. Review your current limit, increase by typing a higher number on the "New Excel Exporting Limit" field and click "Finish":

After you receive the confirmation, log in to your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Organization and enjoy your new increased limit!

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