Lifecycle Services (LCS) for AX Supports the Way You Do Business

Published August 28 2015 by Kelly Logsdon
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August Blog Series: Tips & Tricks

Insights From: Doug Payton (Fullscope Technical Consultant) and Sharlee Cobb (Fullscope Senior Project Manager)

The second episode of our Lifecycle Service (LCS) podcast series takes a closer look at some LCS features including: the business process modeler, the customization analysis tool and the license sizing estimator. Take a listen to the FullFocus episode below.


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Show Notes:

1:25 What does the business process modeler do for a company who's moving to AX?

This feature is used to align Dynamics AX with your end-to-end processes, or in other words: it supports the way you do business. It identifies gaps that make your business slightly different from the standard process supported by this standard software.

5:20 Is the LCS customization analysis feature more than a Best Practices check?

Although it is a Best Practices check, the biggest difference is that it is updated continually by Microsoft, based on input from many sources.

Listen: W​hat is Lifecycle Services (LCS) for Dynamics AX?

6:17 Is CAT a crowd-sourced Best Practices check?

Yes, and you must run all of your code through CAT in order to make use of Microsoft Support. They need to know what to expect and use it as a bench-mark.

7:15 How does the license sizing estimator help businesses prevent themselves from having too few or too many licenses?

To gain the most benefit, it is best to use this tool during the pre-sales cycle. It automatically calculates the number of licenses required based on the 93 roles within AX.

Stay tuned for the third episode in our LCS podcast series, and if you're a manufacturer interested in learning more about Life Cycle Services (LCS) or Microsoft Dynamics AX, contact our experts today.

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