Make Grids (Lists) Editable in D365 Using the Editable Grid Custom Control

Published April 4 2017 by Natasha Spurr
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One of the most highly requested features for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Editable Grids.

In previous releases of Dynamics CRM, users couldn’t enter data directly in grids (sometimes called lists) or subgrids on forms. They had to click the record in the grid to open a form, edit the data, and then save, which required multiple clicks. Now with editable grids, users can do rich in-line editing directly from grids and sub-grids whether they’re using a web app, tablet, or phone. This new feature is saving me time and effort every day and I wanted to share this ‘productivity tip’ with you.

Make grids (lists) editable in Dynamics 365 using the Editable Grid custom control.

Screen shots showing editing data

When editable grids are enabled through the Editable Grids custom control, users can edit most types of fields, including basic Lookup fields and option sets.

Editable grids support:

  • In-line editing of records at the entity or subgrid level (includes custom entities)
  • System views and personal views
  • Web and mobile clients
  • Navigation with a keyboard or mouse
  • Grouping and sorting (you can group by/sort by any column in the current view)
  • Filtering
  • Moving and resizing columns
  • Pagination
  • Saving changes from one session to another for grouping, sorting, filtering, pagination, and moving and resizing columns
  • Lookup configuration
  • Calculated fields and rollup fields
  • Business rules (Show error message, Set field value, Set business required, Set default value, Lock or unlock field)
    JavaScript events
  • Enabling or disabling of cells based on security role
  • Users can continue to use search and charts, and can access the action bar as with read-only grids

Check out Dynamics 365 Roadmap to find out what is being made generally available and what is in development.

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Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises)

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