New Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Administration Features

Published March 27 2012 by Gus Gonzalez
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Is your CRM Online organization acting slow and you don't know how to troubleshoot the issue?

In addition to some of the other features provided by the new billing platform for Microsoft Online Services, there are a few new Administrative sections that allow us to check the Health and Planned Maintenance of our CRM Online Organization.

For those of you who have purchased CRM Online with Office365, congratulations, you are on the new billing platform already and you can start monitoring your CRM organization's health. Those of you who are not on the new billing platform can wait to see these features on the near future as Microsoft prepares to migrate everyone to the same platform.

Let's say its Monday morning and you notice that CRM is slow on your machine; what would be the first step to troubleshoot the issue? Rule out the client or the server to know what to focus on, right? But how can you rule out the server when you are not hosting it? You could ask other users if they are having the issue you are having and this would be a really good indicator regarding where the issue is.

However, with CRM Online, users could be in several cities or countries. Let's say you work on a small office (15 employees) for a company whose headquarters are in Los Angeles, CA; just because everyone at your office shows slow CRM performance doesn't mean that CRM is at fault…it could be related to the internet connection for that office.

There are multiple paths you can take to keep trying to isolate the issue to the CRM Server side but with these new administration areas within your online portal, there is no need to chase this for hours.

When I log in to my Online Services Administration Portal, I can see some new features under the support section:

Under the Support Section, click on "Service Health" to see a Health Report for the last 7 days:

Notice how in my case there is a notice for Additional Information regarding Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from March 21st.

When I click on the Additional Information link, I receive the details regarding the server downtime (if any):



If no issues are found on the "server" side and you want to accurately find the bottleneck of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM slow performance, please navigate to this URL from your client machine:

https://*YOURCRMORG* (Replace *YOURCRMORG* with the name of your organization. I.E:

On the web page that opens, click on the "Run" button:



Comparing the results from users on other offices or even other countries can help understand where the bottlenecks are located:


These results can then be emailed to Microsoft support for further troubleshooting if you fail to find the cause of the issue.


During a session at Microsoft Convergence 2012 regarding performance, Microsoft Support informed us that any number below 100 ms on the Latency is a good number. This should give you a good target to focus on regarding speed and performance from the user side.

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