One Real-life Application of BI in CPG Manufacturing

Published December 8 2017 by Ted Root
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When something is just that good, everyone wants to know the "secret sauce". For us, our BI Accelerator - which includes a utility tool for ETL automation - alongside a baseline data warehouse, are just that: our secret sauce. The BI Accelerator manages 'back end' data by delivering a simplified more digestible data model of the AX database; and in doing so, accelerates users' ability to deliver vital information to the business for reporting and analytics.

Troy Finley of Kent Corporation is a user of Fullscope's reporting and BI Accelerator. Their primary reasoning behind the purchase of this solution was to find something that would provide them with the ability to easily access and build out reports natively along with several other needs. To hear about what further prompted Kent Corporation's purchase, why they felt this solution was needed and why it was selected over others that are available on the market, watch the webcast- Customer Success Stories with Fullscope's Reporting and BI Accelerator.

Ted has over 10 years of experience helping mid-market to large organizations become more effective and efficient through digital transformation.

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