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Published April 4 2018 by Chad Weiner
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Now that the Dynamics 365 update (also known as version 9.0) has been out for a minute, users have had the ability to test its functionality and get a feel for what it provides. One of the more sought after questions with any new version of this application, surrounds the topic of reporting. So let’s discuss what exactly Dynamics 365’s reporting capabilities offer.

The various reporting methods available in Dynamics 365 include:


  • Views and Charts

Views allow users to sort through different columns of specific filtered information as needed. Charts work especially well with this feature— when clicking segments of the visual, the related data is filtered to information you are interested in.

  • Advanced Find

Advanced find can be used to manipulate multiple records, export the data to Excel, or even create saved views that can be referenced for future use.

  • Dashboards

Dashboards help bring together lists, charts, and various other content together on one screen.

  • PowerBI

PowerBI is a cloud based suite of business analytic tools that enables anyone to connect, visualize, and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding.

  • Paginated Reports (Report Wizard)

If you cannot report on your data via the methods already described, CRM (Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement) has built in reports and a builder to allow for creating your own paginated reports.

  • Advanced/Custom SSRS Reports 

If all the ways previously described cannot get you the reporting that you need, you do have the ability to connect to SQL Server Reporting Services or use FetchXML, and build your own custom developed reports.

To see an in-depth demo on each of these reporting tools, take a look at this video: Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement — Reporting Demo


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