Rethinking Customer Service

Published September 8 2014 by Connor Jordan
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Customer Service is more than just a name of a department. Customers are expecting an experience that requires leading organizations to rethink how to deliver an exceptional experience, which means involving multiple departments and covering multiple phases in the relationship with the customers.

To rethink your customer service delivery you must first understand what the customers are expecting, align your processes to meet those expectations and use industry leading solutions such as Microsoft Parature and Dynamics CRM.

What Customers Want, which May Require your Rethink

  1. A consistent cross-channel experience – Customers expect the same experience regardless of the channel they choose. So, if they request help via your website, social media, phone or email they want a consistent, effective experience. If they don’t get it, they know they have the power to tell the world and they will. Use Parature, integrated with Dynamics CRM and provide training so delivery of exceptional customer service is easier and more consistent.
  2. Proactive, not reactive customer service – Put processes in place to anticipate future needs from the customers perspective. This may involve being aware of pending renewals of contracts or sending out notification via all channels to inform your customers of upcoming new services or changes to existing ones. Customers don’t like being surprised when you change something without their prior knowledge. In Dynamics CRM, you can set notifications and use workflows to ensure proper, proactive notices go out to your customers.
  3. Customized engagement, not one-size-fits-all processes – Customers expect to be treated as though you understand their unique needs and have a one-to-one relationship with them. They get disappointed when customer service agents are using overly scripted methods, so be sure to put a lot of effort into training your reps to think on their feet, react quickly and get problems solved without following a canned script.
  4. Efficient interactions with whomever they engage to provide the service – Since customers have the power to choose multiple methods they may engage people from various departments in your organization. They just want their issue solved quickly. What they don’t want is to be passed around multiple times until they finally find someone who can help. So, be sure to provide training an access to your internal system so that people from sales, marketing and other departments can provide the exceptional customer service they expect.

Since 71% of customers* who receive exceptional customer service are more likely to recommend your company to others, it’s important to get it right. Learn more about modern customer service and how you can leverage the power of Dynamics CRM and Parature to implement winning customer service strategies in next week’s live webinar.

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*NM Insite, State of Social Customer Service Report, July 2012

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