Top 4 Reasons Digital Transformation is Key in Manufacturing

Published May 11 2017 by Mary Bradley
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How do you help your sales team have a more streamlined sales process? Or better manage the buying process? How do your sales managers coach their teams more effectively? In manufacturing, digital transformation is where you want to start in answering these questions. Read on for 4 reasons why digital transformation is important in manufacturing.

  1. Understanding Clients

Marketing teams want the ability to have more personalized communication with customers. This comes from an understanding and a desire to further understand the relationship with customers – past conversations, notes, what they care about, how best to communicate with them, etc.

  1. Customer Service

Customer service teams want to be more effective at answering customer questions and resolving issues faster. They want to get the customers’ issues routed to the experts quicker. When a customer feels like their questions and concerns are being quickly and properly addressed they have a more positive impression about your company, and are more likely to do more business, even if future issues arise (because they know they’ll be handled).

  1. Forecasting

When you sell a big contract to a customer, you need to plan, forecast, and review how that contract is being realized over the course of the year, two years, or even three years down the road. Forecasting ensures that the business can support customers long-term.

  1. Cross Team Processes

A business process that runs across operations and sales is next level for most manufacturers. The sales team interacts with customers and learns how the forecast may change and ultimately how that may affect their plant, their operations, and their scheduling. As a result, the operations process needs to be driven in a way that optimizes what’s actually being produced.

A great example of this process is the ability to push demand, forecast, budget, and information captured from the customer back into the operation. In doing so operations can become more efficient with what is actually being produced.

Here’s a short video on Digital Transformation in Manufacturing.

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With a diverse background across, advertising, marketing, technical consulting and sales, Mary has a great understanding of different industries, how they function, and what makes them successful. She has a strong CRM background including hands-on experience with Dynamics CRM (now Dynamics 365) since the 3.0 days, and Mary’s customers will tell you that her true talent is getting up to speed on business processes quickly, and understanding the lifecycle of a customer across many different industries and types of organizations.

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