Top 6 Professional Services Business Outcomes Impacted by Microsoft Dynamics 365

Published October 17 2018
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So what? Why is Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement software so beneficial to the strength of a professional services firm? Short answer – because when you empower your employees with the right tools to deliver consistent and amazing client experiences, you ultimately create more bottom line. In this day and age, the expectations of clients are growing and your competitors are meeting those expectations. So in order to stay ahead, the best option is investing in a system that allows you create strong client relationships and exceed far beyond where you are today.

Here are 6 target business outcomes that Dynamics 365 tactically helps organizations achieve:

1. Increase employee morale.

With Dynamics 365, employees have the right tools to do their jobs and access information needed at any time. As a result, daily tasks become more productive and morale increases.

2. Increase productivity by stopping task switching.

Dynamics 365 removes siloes so employees obtain the authority to solve problems quickly using shared information. This keeps employees focused on the task at hand and allows them to work in connected apps, so they save time avoiding the jump from application to application. 

3. Improve forecasting accuracy and revenue visibility.

Proper reporting is important. Having the ability to track and control key pieces of information are integral to the life of sales process. With Dynamics 365, leaders always know the answers to questions like: win/loss time of an opportunity, how sellers are performing in each stage of a sale, and pipeline up’s and down’s – these are just some of the questions asked and answered right within the system. 

4. Improve bid to win ratios.

Winning the customer’s heart and mind is where the real bidding for business takes place. Investing in Dynamics 365 empowers your organization to improve client relationships and is essential to improving bid to win ratios by offering up needed info and showcasing opportunity patterns.

5. Improve account management.

Allocate the right resources at the right time to deliver projects on time and within budget to ensure profitability for every project. Opportunities for cross selling or up-selling are never missed or passed up in Dynamics 365.

6. Increase leads and build a plan of action.

Better leverage potential client relationships by utilizing networks in your own organization. Watch this on demand webinar, Next Generation Selling with Microsoft and LinkedIn. Dynamics 365 gives you the ability to leverage data and make smarter decisions on finding the right leads. 


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