Top 6 Things to Know About CRM for Tablets in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

Published October 14 2013 by David Kohar
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With the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 comes the release of some tremendous mobile functionality from Microsoft that is included in the price of your CRM subscription/license.

Microsoft has released CRM for Tablets and it works both on a Windows 8 device and an iPad currently (see supported versions and languages on the respective download pages in iTunes and the Microsoft Store).

The CRM product team will continue to roll out additional platforms including Android, Apple and Microsoft phones apps and extend the functionality of all the platforms moving forward.


What is Included in CRM for Tablets?

In this first release, CRM for Tablets is targeting the mobile Sales Person. Initially, you will be able to work with Sales + Custom Entities that include:




Read and Write


Read and Write


Read and Write-


Read and Write


Read and Write


Read and Write


Read Only


Read Only

Custom Entities

Read and Write

Sales Dashboard

Drill down capabilities and Simple Lists that support images


  • 10 System Views per Record
  • 25 records displayed at once on each view


Displays the first form in the web application that you have access to


Cross Entity Search Results (up to 10 entities)


Pin Records as Tiles on the Dashboard

Business Process Flows

Available in the Tablets with similar functionality to the web application

Skype Integration

Click to Call

CRM Commands

Activate, Deactivate, Assign, Delete, Email a Link, Sort Records in a View


Note in the screen shots below on the left the navigation contains a record type called "Sales Forecast" that is a custom entity. On the right, a search for the name "Starbucks" brings up records across multiple entities.


How do you configure the CRM for Tablets Solution?


The solution uses most of the configuration that you have already done in CRM! Few key points to note:

  • Forms - Display the first 75 fields and/or 5 tabs of information from the web application form
  • Views – Display the first 10 system views from that record
  • Dashboard – displays the system Dashboard in CRM called "Sales Dashboard"
  • Resize Columns – you can easily do in the Tablet from the menu


What happens when there is no Internet Connection?

The solution "caches" records and lists each time that you view them. These records are available in "Read Only" if you are disconnected. This is not the same as going "Offline" with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client. If you lose your Internet Connection, you will be able to see the recently viewed records and lists that will display the data from the last time you viewed that record. Currently there is no synchronization process or set of filters to select what you can and cannot take offline.

This is something that the product team has on their near term roadmap. If Offline is critical, connect with us for some additional options.


Want a quick Demonstration?

Here is a Video Overview Demonstration from Eric Boocock of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Team. Or connect with us to go into more detail on how it can relate to your business scenario.



How do you Get Started?

To install CRM for Tablets on your device:

  1. Download the App from the Associated Store:
    1. Windows 8 -
    2. Apple Store -
  2. Launch the App and login with your website URL
  3. Put in your username/password


Where do you find more information? Check out the CRM for tablets: Information for end users and then connect with us!

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