Installment 2: Under the Hood of the EBS Endeca Integration

Published June 24 2013 by Communications Team
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In my first post in the series, I promised to return with more in-depth goodness about the Endeca extensions for EBS.  The more I thought to write about new topics, the more I was inclined to show the offering first hand.

Thus, here we are.  I have opted to show you how the integration works "under the hood", instead of boring you with my words.  This first screencast is still somewhat high-level, but aims to help illustrate how the two applications, Endeca and EBS, work together.

In future screencasts, I plan to dive deeper into the integration specifics on around data, UI and configuration.  I also plan to show how the out-of-the-box configuration can be tweaked to help maximize the value of the offering.

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