Upgrading ERP –10 Presentation Techniques to Better Convince your Boss

Published December 11 2017 by Randy Goldbeck
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Someone once said, that public speaking is one of the greatest fears a person will face. Almost every person in the business world will at some point be asked to articulate their thoughts, recommendations and notions in a presentation, so being prepared is KEY. At this point, you've done all the research and know exactly why your company needs to invest in an ERP upgrade- now it's time to make a convincing argument. In this blog we won't address every aspect of speaking or presenting. We will however, offer up some tips that will help you nail your next presentation.

1. "If it isn't right it isn't right." Check data, if it's old fix it or don't say... "Well this is outdated data".

2. Don't dot I's and cross T's when it comes to numbers. Make a note and state that you have rounded for ease of presentation and discussion.

3. Don't be out of date. If you are showing old information it's like talking about last week's newspaper.

4. Your smartphone can be a laser pointer and remote control when you're showing a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Add the PowerPoint app to your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows phone.
  • Connect your smartphone to the projector by using an HDMI adapter, or connect wirelessly by using AirPlay, ChromeCast, or Miracast.
  • Advance through the slides with a touch, or emphasize key ideas with the laser pointer.

5. Avoid too much text, a picture says a thousand words.

6. Some colors are better to present, Red usually means danger, yellow caution and green good.



7.Give your pitch more pep with a video related to the topic.

8. Hyperlinks in your TOC will help you leap back to a slide quickly. Use it sparingly through a  presentation...nothing like eyeball whiplash a few times on a presentation to lose your audience.

9. When you want to give a high-fidelity version of your presentation to colleagues or customers, save it as a video. Select File > Export > Create a Video. Select the video quality you want. Determine the timings and narration to include, and then click Create Video. Name the video and choose a format: either MPEG-4 Video or Windows Media Video.


10. There's no rule that says you have to provide a handout at the end. But you will be special if you do.

Interested in learning more about improving your convincing argument? Download this white paper, Making a Case for a New ERP System

Randy has over 25 years experience in the Information Technology and manufacturing industry. His experience includes a number of ERP system implementations including 30 + Dynamics AX implementations as a project manager and functional application consultant

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