Using your CRM and a Customer Portal to Improve Customer Experiences and Collaboration

Published January 13 2015 by Connor Jordan
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Strengthen relationships with your customers and reduce your overall costs. Uniting businesses with their customers has never been more important to companies around the world, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is uniquely positioned to address this need.

But Fullscope takes Dynamics CRM much further by extending CRM to enable customer interaction with an integrated Portal. With an integrated Customer Portal interface, your customers can now interact with you anytime, anywhere. With extended access to your CRM data, previously time consuming processes of engagement can now be reduced through better communication and closer interaction. As a result, your organization receives up-to-date customer data; delivering powerful insight to your fingertips.

A Customer Portal Interface integrates with your Dynamics CRM solution and enables your customers, partners and suppliers to make more confident business decisions fueling business productivity across the supply chain.

The customer portal provides customized web based access with self-service functionality and tools that your customers can utilize to drive business productivity. These include things such as access to real-time information and full collaboration set-up through SharePoint.

Role based access combined with SSL encryption and password management ensures that security remains at the heart of the portal.

Customize Your Portal, Align with Your Priorities

This is your portal, so you set the priorities that make sense to your business, customers and partners. The flexible nature of the portal means you have full control and can build custom workflows to reflect predefined business processes and agreed SLA’s.

The portal functionality lets you take this to the next level; create custom models and reports that are tailored to your business operation. The gateway for your customers into your business will accurately reflect the engagement and relationship, ensuring they are entirely satisfied with the service they receive.

Top Benefits of Customer Portals:

  • Provide customers with real-time information and self-service capabilities, thereby reducing overhead
  • Strengthen customer relationships and improve overall satisfaction
  • Reduce costs by staying in touch and resolving issues fast
  • Simple to install, intuitive to use – built on Microsoft technologies and thereby minimizing training
  • Secure, flexible, robust portal. You choose how it’s hosted, on-premise or in the cloud
  • Extend CRM capabilities beyond your customers to your partners and distributors without needing to purchase an additional CRM licenses

Your CRM Customer Portal Solution – Fullscope Delivers

We understand that every CRM implementation is different. Knowing this, our Customer Portal solution has been developed with simplicity and security in mind, and has been designed to smoothly install alongside your CRM implementation. The great thing is that you own the source code to the portal with no lock-ins, so you can have us manage this for you, or you can manage by yourself in the cloud.  Contact us now and we'll be happy to hear about your unique needs and discuss how we are able to help.


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