What are Power Apps Portals?

Published November 4 2020

Online Self-Service Portals

Self-service capabilities are what seem to make the world go round today. With smartphones at the fingertips of about 3.5 billion people world-wide, it’s no wonder the demand for easy access to information is ever-increasing. There is no shortage of apps and digital tools to help us find the information we want, when we want it.

It’s no surprise that the customer and partner organizations you work with day to day, expect nothing short of quick and easy access to everything they need. A functionality that was once a bonus capability, is now expected.

        88% of U.S. customers expect companies and organizations to have self-service options.

2 reasons online self-service options benefit your organization:

  1. From the customer perspective, the self-service option empowers them to take control of their customer
    journey—serving as a brand differentiator for you.

  2. From the perspective of your partners, it streamlines how they do business with your organization. From the internal view, the ability to reduce manual and repetitive tasks means increased productivity and efficiency.

Microsoft Power Apps Portals

While there are multiple portal software options in market, figuring out how to integrate and make everything work can prove rather cumbersome, if not costly. If you’re already a Microsoft Dynamics 365 user, then you’re in luck. Power Apps portals are a natural extension to the Power Platform, allowing you to set up self-service portals quickly and effortlessly using predefined templates that are easily extensible.

Power Apps portals from Dynamics 365 (D365) enable internal and external users to find the information they need through self-service and community options. Built on the Customer Data Service (CDS), or CRM, it provides another avenue for internal and external users to engage with you through branded, and personalized self-service portals. Microsoft even has portal templates such as Customer Self-Service or Partner Management to help you get setup quickly.

Information from your CRM is displayed in a mobile-web responsive website that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Since the website is built on Bootstrap, creating a branded and high-resolution website is easy. The no code/low-code solution also simplifies the creation and deployment of self-service apps, reducing the costs typically associated with getting a developer to build an app from scratch. Extending and scaling the capabilities of your business becomes more attainable with this solution.

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