With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, Laitram Machinery No Longer Has Unanswered Questions

Published March 3 2020 by Barry Wells

Headquartered in Harahan, LA, Laitram Machinery is a global manufacturer of nut, seafood, and vegetable equipment. For over 70 years, Laitram has pioneered high-performance shrimp-peeling equipment, steam cookers, blanchers, nut pasteurizers, roasters, and sorters that increase efficiency and improve product quality and yield for its customers around the world. After struggling with their homegrown CRM system with no mobile application, they realized they needed one place they could go to see all related records. This led to a partnership with Alithya to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Field Service.

For field service management, Laitram Machinery had very limited functionality within their homegrown SharePoint system that they were using for CRM and limited visibility into what their field service staff was doing or what equipment they were working on. According to Chuck Ledet, Project Manager and Executive Sponsor at Laitram Machinery, "We had very crude tools to schedule the field service staff from a calendar or schedule board standpoint. We were also unable to track repair parts that were used so we had no way to determine if there was a class problem with a particular equipment model."

Since going live with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Field Service, they have quickly seen time savings in their commercial opportunity status meetings and have a better understanding of what the team is working on. "The biggest thing is really getting a better understanding of: What are our guys doing out there? Who are they seeing? What are they working on? Do we have recurring problems that our engineering team in-house has to be more attentive to?" says Ledet.

In the past, these questions were left unanswered as the team struggled to gather information from their homegrown CRM system and emails or notes from phone calls. Now, there is a central repository of data so that nothing is missed and they have become much more efficient at dealing with issues.

By partnering with Alithya, Laitram Machinery no longer has unanswered questions and can have discussions which lead to a more meaningful exchange of key information. To continue reading about Laitram Machinery and their successful implementation of Dynamics 365 CE and Field Service, read the full customer story

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