Your Upgrade is a Chance to Refresh

Published November 30 2018
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Your organisation is thinking about moving its CRM platform from on-premises to the cloud.

You have seen all the very tangible benefits that a cloud-based system can offer such as:

  • lower costs
  • access to the latest innovations
  • a secure and high-performing infrastructure
  • greater scalability and availability
  • more time for IT


More than just a software upgrade

But a move to the cloud does not just have to mean an upgrade for your software, it can also be an opportunity for your business to rethink and refresh its business processes.

Rather than thinking purely about what kind of technology you are buying, it is also important to think about exactly what your organisation wants to achieve using that technology. How, and in which specific areas, would you like your cloud-based CRM to help your business?

At Fullscope, an Alithya company, our many successful cloud-based-CRM implementations have been grounded on this very idea. Indeed, we believe that lasting success has more to do with how you think about CRM than the technology you use or the money you spend. 

Focus on business outcomes

Each business needs to discuss with those who are looking to use the CRM what the biggest challenges are for their teams. Then, we ask them to narrow down their focus on the three or four business outcomes that they would like to achieve.

For example, do you want to improve forecasting and revenue visibility; or increase leads and build pipeline; do you really want to increase revenue from your existing customers by enabling more opportunities to cross-sell and upsell, or are you looking to improve your bid-to-win ratio? By drilling down into the needs of the business, we can design and tailor their CRM to meet these needs and help the organisation to achieve these objectives. This is why we ask the organisations we work with to think about CRM as more than just a technology, but instead as a business strategy.

Transforming a business

And it works. Victrex is a peek polymer manufacturer. Fullscope, an Alithya company used its special methodology when the business moved to Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based CRM.

Barry Andrews, the Group Commercial Director at Victrex, says: “To describe how our approach has changed is almost unbelievable. I can’t even imagine the business that we are now compared to what we were three years ago.”

And the strategic changes are not just part of the implementation process. By using cloud-based CRM, Victrex has been given a 360-degree view of its data and is able to use the metrics and analytics contained with the CRM system to make strategic decisions that can help to transform the business.

Barry explains: “We have now got a measurable method of being able to go back and quantify what customer satisfaction really looks like. Again, that has made us change some strategic decisions in terms of resourcing, in terms of focus, in terms of emphasis.” 

Understand Your Business Outcomes and How CRM Can Help You Achieve Those Goals


If you would like to see how Fullscope can help your business to implement cloud-based CRM, why not download our Guide to Modernize with Dynamics 365 in the cloud and learn more about moving to a cloud CRM solution HERE