Empower Agents with Omnichannel for Customer Service

Published May 13 2020 by Ruston Eads

In today’s uncertain environment, customer service departments are being asked to do more than ever before and are often tasked with handling an increased number of interactions, but with a smaller team of agents. Whether it’s a healthcare facility addressing patient screening and assessments or a manufacturing plant responding to questions on paused or delayed shipments, it is imperative that customer service teams be equipped with a tool that provides multiple channels for customer interaction. In addition, a tool that allows for simple case creation and escalation to ensure eventual resolution and customer satisfaction.

Omnichannel for Customer Service by Microsoft allows customer service teams to handle conversations over different channels simultaneously. It allows a single agent to interact with multiple clients, while also improving the overall customer service experience. A partial list of the growing number of channels includes:

> Chat (website embed) 
> Microsoft Teams Omnichannel for Customer Service
> SMS (text)
> Soft Phone
> Twitter 

As conversations are initiated, agents can accept, or decline, based on availability. Declined conversations are automatically routed to the next available representative. Moreover, when an agent meets or exceeds their specific workload capacity, Omnichannel for Customer Service proactively removes the agent from the list of available agents until a decrease in workload occurs.

One of the most powerful features is the ability to monitor real-time customer sentiment, based on the conversation text. The agent gains access to customer sentiment, which can range from very positive to very negative.

Customer Service supervisors will monitor all active conversations, and should a conversation begin to trend negative, the supervisor proactively inserts themselves into the conversation. The supervisor then aids the agent in addressing the issue and ultimately ensures a positive customer experience.

In addition to the capabilities noted above, several additional features include:

  • Knowledge Article Reference – answers to common questions at the agent’s fingertips
  • Transfer to Agent or Queue – intelligent routing
  • Quick Replies – provides agents with a consistent set of replies and answers
  • Agent Scripting – with the addition of Productivity Tools, agent scripting can be implemented to ensure agents provide a consistent message and adhere to corporate policies and processes.

Today more than ever, customer service departments are handling an increased workload and require a single tool that offers a full suite of capabilities. Omnichannel for Customer Service by Microsoft provides a powerful platform for agents to address multiple conversations, route appropriately and if necessary, initiate a case in order to formally launch the customer support process.

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