How to Streamline Frontline Sales Processes and Improve Seller Productivity

Published November 24 2020

In our previous blog, we discussed how sales enablement solutions are quickly becoming the go-to resource for sales organizations seeking to gain a competitive edge. There are many sales enablement tools on the market today and it’s important to find the one that works for all levels of an organization. The Dynamics 365 Sales Hub is effective because it’s robust and it’s a solution that allows field sales and managers to work in the field, in the office or at home.

It’s all about user experience. From the seller to the customer, one of the most important factors in the success of a transaction is user experience. There’s a direct correlation between the seller experience and the prospect experience. If your sales pros are frustrated by the many hurdles they encounter while they do their work, you can be assured that their frustration will be transferred to your prospects.

How Dynamics 365 Sales Hub Streamlines Sales Processes and Functions 

A sales pro’s most trusted companion is their email. It’s the tool they use most to communicate with customers, set up their day, and track sales activities. If they had the option to work exclusively out of their inbox, chances are many would. Dynamics 365 Sales Hub integrates with Outlook and provides users with all the capabilities of the desktop application.

Activities, contact information, open and closed opportunities are easily accessible in Outlook. They can even track lead information and tap into business processes to qualify leads into opportunities without leaving their email. Sellers can also leverage the AI assistant in Outlook, which helps them identify the next best action to take to move the lead forward by reviewing information from the lead record.

Other streamlining features:

  • Timeline Feature: quickly gather an account’s historical data
  • Email Engagement Feature: gain insight from other client engagements, see if the client has interacted with the communication and use the AI assistant to surface up next steps
  • Business Process Feature: qualify leads into opportunities

The Sales Hub can also be accessed via phone, so any mobile interactions like calls or verbal notes can easily be made and automatically recorded into the system and synced back to the contact record in CRM.

How Dynamics 365 Sales Hub Improves Productivity

Dynamics 365 Sales Hub improves productivity by integrating the tools your sales team uses most and allows access without leaving the application. Having easily accessible information makes the word of a difference when it comes to work efficiency.

To learn more about the Dynamics 365 Sales Hub, download this eBook: 3 Ways to Make Your Sales Organization More Effective. Learn how to respond quickly and efficiently to meet the needs of prospects and customers alike.